Martha Knows The Bedroom As Well As She Does The Kitchen


By Alex Panisch

…And 5 Other Things You Need To Know Today

1. Martha did a Reddit AMA. Best sex tip: “Always take a bath before and after.” Some Dr. Ruth realness right there. 

2. Every time there’s a shirtless Beckham pic, an angel gets its wings. 

3. Kesha’s out of rehab and dropped the dollar sign. That’s one small step for Kesha, one giant leap for spelling. 

4. The new poster for Mad Men season 7 is as unhelpful as the trailer for Mad Men season 7

5. The name of Morrissey’s new album is World Peace Is None of Your Business. Sounds about right.

6. Is John Stewart Okay with John Oliver ripping off The Daily Show? Check out the trailer for his new show, Last Week Tonight

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