Meet RuPaul's Drag Race's New, Bulgier Pit Crew


By Stacy Lambe

The crew adds two new members

Jason Carter

Carter is the other half of the original Pit Crew team alongside Morales. The Celebuzz host and model has recently been bulging out of his Crew undies with a new music video. The video sees him paired up with NuCrewmember Miles Moody for the song "Let's Turn the Night."

What's it like being on set? Does it ever get cold?
Carter: It's always cold on set but it's a lot of fun! To see the queens in and out of drag is always very interesting. Working with Ru and the whole WOW team means there is never ever a dull moment. Every season brings something new and exciting and something more interesting than the last.

Do you have a favorite contestant from this season?

Oh yes I do!! I adore Laganga Estranja and really can't enough of Adore Delano. Courtney Act is so beautiful and definitely has that "It Factor." But honestly all the queen are epic!

Would you ever do drag? 

Lol! I've never done drag but, sure, I would do it for things like Halloween or some festive event. But I would make an ugly drag queen. We all remember Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Foo. Tragedy! I would probably look worse!

What's your favorite junk food?

My faavorite junk food, hands down, is Gummy Life Savers. I can polish off a bag in 1.2 seconds. I'm bad but they are soooooo damn good!

What do you do outside of the show?

Outside of RuPaul's Drag Race I am a host and on-camera talent for Celebuzz and other networks. I host several different online shows and live events all around the country as well as my own show #SayWhat?! I say I'm the black Ryan Seacrest!

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Such a hunky crew!

Be sure to catch them during the season 6 premiere on Monday, Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. EST on Logo.