Meet RuPaul's Drag Race's New, Bulgier Pit Crew


By Stacy Lambe

The crew adds two new members

Shawn Morales

Morales has been a part of the show since season 3. Like his fellow crew member, Jason Carter, he has become a fan favorite even though he's not competing. Over the past few years his image has changed mainly due to the new tattoos he's gotten in between seasons. 

What's it like being on set? Does it ever get cold?

Morales: It's pretty chill and by chill I mean cold. It's also fun. We are all one big family.

Do you have a favorite contestant from this season?

Not yet but I will when they announce the winner ;)

Would you ever do drag?

I have done drag kinda. Jose Guzman Collon put me in drag for some photos he took of me. 

What's your favorite junk food?

Taco truck tacos; the little ones with onion a cilantro and hot hot sauce.

What do you do outside of the show?

I work in night life and party promotion. I have been producing events for the last four years under "Shawn Morales Presents" at bars in and around Los Angeles. I've been a "video ho" for a few of the past contestants' music videos. I've done a few photo shoots with Austin Young, Jeremy Lucido, Jose A Guzman Collon, Flaunt and Starrfucker magazines. I also promote for Grunt and Sissy Bar. I have some new events coming later this year.

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