Daniela Iraschko-Stolz Wins Silver, Becomes Second Out Athlete to Medal


By Stacy Lambe

The Austrian makes history in the debut of women's ski jump

[Image: Getty]

After 90 years, the Winter Olympics awarded its first three medals in the women's ski jump. While German athlete, Carina Vogt, took gold, it was Daniela Irascko-Stolz of Austria who made history. She not only took home the first silver medal in the event but she became the second openly gay athlete to medal at the Sochi Games

"I hope for the future that the people now can see the sport as a chance to change something," Irascko-Stolz said following the competition. "That would be nice. Because everyone looks at Russia and its laws, and I think it's a good idea to change something."

The comments came after a minor media controversy when she said she wanted focus on the event rather than protesting Russia's anti-gay laws. 

"I fight a lot in my life, for my sport and for my love," she added. Her love being her wife, who she married last year.