WATCH/LISTEN: Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream” for Maleficent 


By Alex Panisch

Del Rey covers the classic Disney tune

Disney has chosen Lana Del Rey to sing the theme song to their Sleeping Beauty spinoff, Maleficent. Del Rey’s cover of the 1959 Disney classic debuted in a new trailer for Angelina Jolie film that aired during last night’s Grammys. Lana puts her signature melancholy tenor on the track, turning the sing-a-long classic into a lugubrious dirge. It’s fitting with the movie’s delightfully dark tone, but not quite easy listening. If it’s your kind of thing, you can download the track for free on Google Play. This isn’t Del Rey’s first time working on a soundtrack, her “Young and Beautiful” appeared on The Great Gatsby soundtrack last year. Maleficent hits theaters May 30. 

"Dream" Trailer - Maleficent on Disney Video

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