Exclusive: Paul Iacono & Sally Jessy Raphael Go Bull Riding


By Out.com Editors

Watch a brand new episode of Sally Jessy Rides

Talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael is back with a new a show, Sally Jessy Rides, on LogoTV.com.

After delighting fans with her unfiltered RuPaul's Drag Race commentary on Twitter, the network decided it was time to put her back in front of the camera. 

"I've interviewed thousands of guests over the years and usually we were always planted in chairs,” Sally Jessy Raphael says. “This time our world is in motion and we're on the go!"

In the second episode, premiering exclusively on Out, Raphael interviews G.B.F. star Paul Iacono. The two ride mechanical bulls while discussing whether or not size matters.

Watch for new episodes, which roll out every Monday at 11:00 AM EST only on LogoTV.com.