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WATCH: Ke$ha Gets 'Dirty' in New Music Video

WATCH: Ke$ha Gets 'Dirty' in New Music Video

If there's one thing Ke$ha knows, it's how to close out the year with a bang. On New Year's Eve, the singer dropped a new music video for "Dirty Love." The song, which features Iggy Pop, is that latest single from the 2012 album, Warrior. (Gaga, Bey be damned, Ke$ha's still pushing a year old album.)

Unfortunately, the aging rockstar doesn't appear in the video, but "Key dollar sign ah" makes up for it with tons of NSFW fun. There are flashes of boobs, butts, blurred nipples, bearded backup dancers and  glitter. There will be glitter! 

While we welcome the "return" of the singer, we hope this is just a placeholder until she's able to release some new music in 2014. 

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