Paul Rudd Witnessed a Drag Queen Brawl While Filming Anchorman 2 Fight Scene


By Alex Panisch

He almost broke the first rule of seeing a drag queen fight: Do Not Escalate

The first Anchorman film features one of the most brilliantly absurd fight scenes in film history. It is so legendary that “Boy, that escalated quickly” is now part of the public vernacular and Vulture even did an oral history of it. Luckily for all fans of Ron Burgundy, it looks there will be another epic brawl in the sequel.

Paul Rudd (a.k.a. Brian Fantana) went on the Late Show with David Letterman to promote Anchorman 2—which opens today—and told the late night veteran that while filming a fight scene for Anchorman 2, he happened upon a tussle between some drag queens. Still in costume, Rudd dashed over to investigate, neglecting to realize that he was still holding the .357 magnum prop gun from the shoot. We’ve got the interview below.