EXCLUSIVE: 5 Timeless Archival Shots of Divine, a Queer Pioneer | Out Magazine

Forever Pink: 5 Timeless Shots of Divine

If a picture's worth a thousand words, a picture of Divine is, well, bound to leave you speechless. Here, four timeless shots of the singer, drag queen, and star of midnight-movie classics like Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, assembled this the help of Jeffrey Schwarz, the director of the new documentary, I Am Divine (read the review here).

Photo by Bob Adams

"I would come on stage dressed like a hippie pimp and then say, 'And now I'd like to introduce the most beautiful woman in the world,' and he would come out, pushing a shopping cart with dead mackerels in it and that he'd throw in the audience." —John Waters

Photo by Bill Bernardo

"Divine was scary. It was like Clarabelle on acid." —Dennis Dermody

Photo by Bill Bernardo

"He would pull a chair up to the refrigerator and eat out of the refrigerator." —Sue Lowe

Photo by Clay Gerdes

"Divine was a cinematic terrorist." —Pat Moran

Photo by Clay Gerdes

"People love to laugh at sex, people love to laugh at dirty things. And people love to be shocked, I think. So that's my job to go out there and shock them." —Divine