Worth Sharing: The Home Depot Proposal You'll Never Forget


By Out.com Editors

Utah couple Dustin and Spencer recently became engaged after an elaborate surprise proposal at a Salt Lake City Home Depot.

Home Depot has long been a favorite cruising ground in most cities (you know what we're talking about)—before social hookup apps took that particular pleasure away—and is one reason why it earned the nickname Homo Depot many moons ago.

But we never thought that we'd see the day when gay dudes would pop the question in the lumber aisle. So when we saw this video, we knew it would be an Internet classic. Watch as Dustin arrives under the guise of helping his roomie pick out some party lighting and finds Spencer — and a flash mob of friends and family performing to the song "Somebody Loves You" by Betty Who.

The lumber aisle? How butch! And Salt Lake City? Utah? Great!

[H/T to GaySaltLake.com]

Watch (and learn) below:

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