WATCH: 10 Failed Aaron Spelling TV Shows


By Andrew Belonsky

Crime, crap, and Drew Barrymore.

9. MALIBU SHORES: There was some solid talent on this 1996 show — pre-Felicity Keri Russell, pre-Buffy Charisma Carpenter, and the terribly underrated Susan Ward — but the West Side Story-meets-90210 premise tanked with viewers.

10. TITANS: Spelling enlisted some serious soap stars — Jack Wagner, Victoria Principal, Yasmine Bleeth − to create a "Dynasty for the next generation" in 2000, but even the good-looking cast couldn't save this schlockfest sudster. But it wasn't all bad. As with other Spelling flops, this provided a platform for emerging stars, in this case Kevin Zegers and John Barrowman.

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