WATCH: 'Whatever This Is' Episode 2 Trailer


By Jesse Steinbach

The full episode will premiere online September 10

Adam Goldman (an Out100 honoree) and the Rascal Department, the team behind The Outs, released a trailer for the second episode of Whatever this isThe new web series follows three friends as they struggle to afford life in New York without losing themselves.    "[The show] asks a tough question: how long are you expected to do work that you hate, for pennies, until it becomes something that you love that pays the rent? Is it even possible?" The first episode received rave reviews, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, fans can rest assured that the entire 6-episode show will be made.

Here's the trailer for "Westchester," the second episode of Whatever this is to premiere online September 10:

WTI • Westchester • Trailer from Rascal Department on Vimeo.

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