9 Splash Performances You Should Never Forget


By Samantha Henderson

The club is closing, but you can relive its most notable moments

Britney Spears

"Boys" and "I'm a Slave (4 U)" have obviously been her raunchiest (read: gayest) songs and videos, and no one wears red leather or low-rise pants quite like Britney (Or lip-syncs, for that matter.)

Simon Van Kempen

Maybe we were wrong about the red leather thing. The "straight" husband of Alec McCord, former Real Housewives of New York star somehow managed to finagle his way into a Splash performance. We're assuming that he modeled the pants he planned on wearing and the manager couldn't say no. Also, where can we buy them?


Again, duh.

Cyndi Lauper


Cyndi filmed her 2008 "Into the Nightlife" video at Splash and featured Ari Gold and Colton Ford.

The un-locatable:

We know that Sex and the City and The Daily Show both featured Splash in episodes, but the only SATC clip we can find is at fictional "Trade" (was it shot at Splash or XL or what?) and, for now, The Daily Show clip remains mythical.

Then there's a surefire-amazing Madonna performance that is also lost in the ether, as well as a Pussycat Dolls burlesque romp. Maybe someone out there is better at archiving such monumental moments, but for now, we'll cherish these memorable gems. If you have proof of the concerts, please share!

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