The 5 Gayest Things About One Direction's New Video


By Samantha Henderson

Gay or not, the boy band members showcase drag and stereotypes in the video for 'Best Song Ever'

4. Potential looks taken from other gay-ish musical groups

The "producers" of their movie (Niall Horan and Tomlinson in costume) want a new public image for the band, and all the suggestions are clearly just photos of The Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync, New Kids On the Block, and the best—The Village People, and what looks like a male version of the "Single Ladies" dancers. At first when the members reject these ideas it may seem a little homophobic, but it's more likely the fact that the looks are outdated and stale. Except for The Village People. Those outfits are timeless. And they're all obviously attached, both physically and emotionally, to their skinny jeans. 

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