WATCH: Mister Chase's Gay Vid for Neon Chase Hit


By Brandon Voss

Is this the sexiest gay boxing match ever?

Like he did to Rihanna's "Stay," Mister Chase gives a sexy gay makeover to Neon Hitch's "F*ck U Betta."

The out singer was profiled in the New York Times for his popular YouTube vids performed in American Sign Language. Now he's more interested in showing skin — and lots of it.

He sings, but you'll watch for Mister Chase nekkid in the locker room, in the shower, in bed. "F*ck U Betta" is basically one bulge away from being an Andrew Christian video, except his preferred underwear brand is 2(x)ist.

Watch the video below—and stick around for the lyric video for his new song "Tootsie Roll."

Tags: Popnography