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‘Modern Family’ Writer Danny Zuker Demolishes Donald Trump On Twitter

‘Modern Family’ Writer Danny Zuker Demolishes Donald Trump On Twitter

Donald Trump is a master of cognitive dissonance: he hosts a show about running a corporation and yet he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times; he has his own clothing line, yet it looks like he styles his hair by drunk walking through a wind tunnel; he believes that Obama was born in Kenya despite having seen his birth certificate. To add another item to the list of things that are mutually exclusive to most intelligent people: he decries America’s business relationships with China, yet his own clothes are made there.

Donald Dumbass self-aggrandized on Twitter by claiming that he’s been sounding the alarm about China since the 80s. True or not, Danny Zuker, a writer for Modern Family, cannot help but point out that the clothing in Trump’s eponymous line are, in fact, made in China. And so begins the most one-sided fight since Indiana Jones shot that swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Trump may call Zuckera “lightweight,” but Donnie can’t land a single blow—or stay on topic—while Zuker tears him a new one. You can watch the carnage below:


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