10 Cutest Couples On the Web


By Alex Panisch

Two high school seniors have endeared themselves to the entire web. Here's our top 10 cutest queer couples online

8. David Harris and Tre’Darrius Anderson

David Harris and Tre’Darrius Anderson are one of the youngest gay couples to legally marry in the United States. The nineteen yearolds tied the knot in front of the Lincoln memorial this past January and became the subject of My Gay Teenage Wedding. The young men, hailing from Memphis, traveled all the way to D.C. to make sure the union would be legally recognized.



9. Gap Be One Billboard

Gap, in an attempt to regain their former position power in the apparel industry, put up this endearing billboard last year. While this may be a nothing more than a marketing scheme, it said a lot that Gap would show support the LGBTQ community. And besides, the ad is totally adorable.



10. Time Magazine Covers

When Time is touting obnoxious generation-bating cover stories and making other questionable editorial choices, they from time to time (pun both unintentional and apologized for) put out a good cover. The two covers show intimate black and white photos of same-sex couples kissing tenderly. Tasteful yet bold, Time’s refusal to shy away from images of gay displays of affection is both a testimate to the magazine and the sea change in American culture toward LGBTQ rights. Kristen Henderson, of band Antigone Rising, is featured kissing her wife on the lesbian cover, and she explained: "I'm kissing my wife on the cover because the mother of a gay kid might see it and finally come around to letting her son or daughter back in the house. I'm kissing my wife on the cover because it's time for every American to have their civil rights. And, let's be honest, I'm kissing my wife on the cover because Portia and Ellen probably weren't available..."