10 Cutest Couples On the Web


By Alex Panisch

Two high school seniors have endeared themselves to the entire web. Here's our top 10 cutest queer couples online

5. Scout & Liz Margolies

The video of Liz Margolies and Scout’s very nontraditional Jewish wedding made rounds on the blogosphere last year. Scout, a transgender man, and Margolies, a lesbian, wed beneath a rainbow chuppah in an old fur vault in Chelsea. After the video of their proposal went viral and incurred a conservative backlash, the life-long LGBTQ activists decided they wanted their wedding to make a difference, so they choose Melissa Harris-Perry, the MSNBC host whom they’d met at the white reception where Scout proposed, and James Clementi, the older brother of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers student who committed suicide after learning his roommate had secretly recorded him in a romantic encounter with another man, to be their witnesses. Instead of gifts, the couple requested donations to the Tyler Clementi Foundation and the Transgender People of Color Coalition.



6. Jason and Tony

Finding the right venue and a half-decent wedding videographer are up there with the seating chart and planning the menu on the list biggest wedding headaches. For Jason and Tony, whose wedding was at the Plaza Hotel and shot by filmmaker Jon Armendariz, things could have worked out worse. The video of the couple’s fairytale wedding exploded on the Internet, and once you see it –- if you haven’t already –- you’ll understand why.



7. Koyuki Higashi and Hiroko

Actress and activist, Koyuki Higashi, and her partner Hiroko, made history by being the first couple to wed in a Magic Kingdom theme park. The pair wed this march at Tokyo Disneyland, despite the fact that Japan doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Disney representatives had originally asked one of the brides to wear a tuxedo, but after Higashi went public with this on social media, the resort backed down.