See: Dylan Bruce & Jordan Gavaris Naked


By Diego James

The men of this BBC America sci-fi drama 'Orphan Black' have no problem with a little exposure

Pictured: Dylan Bruce

We know BBC America's sci-fi drama, Orphan Black, premiered a month ago, but we're only now catching up with the characters that live in a world where clones are common—and people love to show off their sexy bums. 

So far, it's a complicated, puzzle box of a show, perfect for those summer days when you want some binge viewing. Oh, and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) is the cutie gay pal of the leading lady who thinks nothing of stripping down when it suits him. And then there's tough-lady Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) who discovers her clone's boyfriend, Paul, who's played by hottie Dylan Bruce (you may remember him from As the World Turns), can be a lot of fun—or at least likes getting naked. Check out this clip from the premiere episode and then keep going for some sexy shots below.

Dylan Bruce has no problem showing off his considerable assets

Jordan Gavaris also prances around, showing off skin

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