20 Super Gay KY Derby Winners (Based On Name Alone)


By Out.com Editors

Is your name your destiny?

You could ride these horses all night long and they wouldn't break a sweat. We're talking pros, the creme de la creme: the past winners of the Kentucky Derby, which again kicks off "the greatest two minutes in sports" this weekend. As the ladies in their fabulous hats and the mint julep-sipping men gather together in Louisville, let's take a look at some of the more suggestive, sexy and outright gay winners' names from years past.

Pink Star, 1907: Trust, it's only down hill from here....

Old Rosebud, 1914: Sorry, guys...

Bubbling Over, 1926: Clearing throat..

Gallant Fox, 1930: Sort of a gayish name for someone, no?

Brokers Tip, 1933: 'Nuff said.

Calvacade, 1934: Again, no comment needed.

Bold Venture, 1936: Here's hoping!

Whirlaway, 1941: You know when dancing queens twirl around in the middle of the dance floor, arms outstretched to no one in particular? That's called a whirlaway, and it's very, very gay.

Shut Out, 1942: A forebearer to "you've been served."

Swaps, 1955: Don't say "versatile," say "I'm a swaps."

Venetian Way, 1960: Note to self, create 60s-era soap opera about rich gays in Kentucky, living on Venetian Way. Think Designing Women meets Queer as Folk meets Dynasty. Tell no one.

Chateaugay, 1963: What, too easy?

Lucky Debonair, 1964: Oh, pardon. We thought that said "Lucky Derrière."

Majestic Prince, 1969: Here's a fun fact, in 139-years there has never been a Kentucky Derby with "queen" in their name.

Dust Commander, 1970: If after a long session someone calls you "Dust Commander," just take it as a compliment.

Foolish Pleasure, 1975: Isn't it all?

Sunny's Halo, 1983: Don't you envision some early-80s twink in his hot pants, all angelic and 18 and ready to be ruined?

Lil E. Tee, 1992: Such a drag queen name.

Go For Gin, 1994: This phrase is best paired with a chaise lounge.

Thunder Gulch, 1995: Interpret that as you will...