Were Lestat and Louis Same-Sex Parents?


By Jeremy Kinser

Anne Rice confirms her immortal 'Interview With The Vampire' characters were indeed such pioneers.

Claudia has two daddies—and both are blood suckers. Lestat and Louis, the fanged homoerotic duo from Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire, can be credited/blamed as progenitors of Twilight's Cullen clan, but the two will also go down as literature's first same-sex vampire fathers. 

Rice was interviewed by website I09 to discuss Interview With The Vampire: Claudia's Tale, a new graphic adaptation of her modern classic horror fantasy, and was asked if the concept of a modern family should be applied to her two most famous characters, who struggle to care for their "daughter," newbie vampire Claudia.

"They were the first vampire same-sex parents," the novelist says with a laugh, after revealing she hadn't considered the idea before. "Absolutely! Claudia! She's their daughter."

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