Keeping Up With the Gays of DC and Marvel


By Andrew Villagomez

Just in time for Comic Con: A crash course on what some of the gay superheroes have been up to (with some spoilers)

A new young out and proud hero was also introduced to the new Teen Titans. Bunker, who is of Mexican descent and his family and village are supportive of him, is the creation of Scott Lobdell. Since the focus of the storyline is on all the heroes, we are still getting a taste of Bunker, who always has an upbeat persona on him. [SPOILERS] San Diego Comic Con announced in the near future we will meet Bunker's boyfriend from Mexico, who was left behind in a coma (but will wake up). 




The well-known DC married gay couple, Midnighter and Apollo from The Authority team, Have received changes with The New 52. They are part of the Stormwatch series, and they are no longer married, but instead met for the first in the first issue last year. They ar both still gay, but Midnighter seems to be cautious about it in public. Each interaction between the two since meeting implies they will become a whole pair once again.



This year marked the 20-year anniversary of the coming out of Marvel's leading gay hero, Northstar, and to celebrate they brought us the joy of the first same-sex superhero wedding in Marvel history (probably the most talked about comic book event this year). Northstar and his long term civilian boyfriend Kyle wed this past June in New York (a nice nodge to a year after same-sex marriage passing in the state). There is a graphic novel, Astonishing X-Men: Northstar, released of the monumental moment, and events leading to it. In issues following the wedding, we see how Northstar is taking on his husbandly role and his overprotecting self is emerging, which will be interesting to see how that affect's the newlyweds and Northstar's relationship with his teammates when Kyle's safety is jeopardize.

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