EXCLUSIVE: Buffyverse Gets Its First Gay Male Slayer


By Jerry Portwood

Dark Horse Comics announces the introduction of Billy in Buffy Season 9 #14


But doesn't the mythology dictate that only young women can be a Slayer, you might wonder?

As Espenson explains: "Batman doesn’t have super powers. He wasn’t gifted with an exotic foreign birth. So we take the Batman route; Billy is earning the Slayer mantle."

Fans may recall that Espenson and Greenberg worked together on the Buffy television show from Season 6 through Season 7, but this is the first time they've collaborated on a comic together. Greenberg says that Billy is about a young man who finds strength by standing up to vampires (a metaphor for bullies?) and defining who he is going to be rather than letting others tell him who he should be.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #14 (variant cover by Georges Jeanty):


"Billy is someone who sees a need in his hometown and steps up to fill the void, even at great personal risk," says Greenberg. "He may not have the actual powers of the Slayers, but he's determined to be his own kind of hero, one who's sort of modeled after those who do have the power, and he sets out to make due with what he has. In the process, I think he hopes to follow the lead of all the strong, powerful Slayers who came before him and live up to the standard they set."

Greenberg admits that while working on Buffy together, they talked a lot about introducing a gay character to the television show. 

"A typical conversation would go something like...

DREW: Maybe Buffy meets a gay demon hunter!  

JANE: Why would anyone hunt gay demons??  

(Long pause as I glare at her)  

JANE: Have I used that one before?"

"But, yes, Jane and I certainly talked a lot about the metaphor of feeling powerless in a place overrun with people who, if you let them, could end up sucking the life out of you, and what it means to be someone who stands up and says, 'I want to make a difference in my life.  And if I can make a difference in my life, maybe I'll be making a difference in others' lives, too.' "