Neil Patrick Harris on the 'Colbert Report': Yes It’s as Funny as It Sounds


By Alex Panisch

NPH and Colbert discuss child juggling, theater as an Olympic sport, and the threat of being a likeable gay man.

Last night on the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert found a term for a new breed of celebrity while interviewing his guest, Neil Patrick Harris. The “quadruple treat” is someone who’s an actor, singer, dancer, and likeable gay person, so basically that's Neil Patrick Harris in reality—and Hugh Jackman in our prayers.

Colbert and Harris performed together last year in a reading of Sondheim’s Company at Lincoln Center, and they apparently got along famously. NPH, who will be hosting the Tony Awards on Sunday, gave his picks for the winners while Colbert made the case for Jesus Christ Superstar being the “least-gay musical.”

I’m not saying I’m hoping for a buddy cop movie, but I am saying that the bromance between these two would be the bromance of the century. And it would certainly make the case for straight guys being friends with their gay pals.
Check out the video below.

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