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Is Middle America Ready for More Gay TV?

Is Middle America Ready for More Gay TV?

  The Kids Are All Right, recently picked up by HBO, will be adapted to a one-hour drama

Is Middle America ready for a truly gay batch of new TV shows? Christopher Donaldson at Gay.net looks at a roundup of three new shows in development—on HBO, NBC, and ABC— featuring gay characters as their focal point. Will these shows shake up the mainstream's slightly narrow view of today's modern gay? From Gay.net:

"Yes, the gays have officially gone mainstream, but mainstream has officially watered-down the gays, as if they are just one of those facts of TV life (like commercials) audiences can always take for granted... But could the following three, new gay-friendly shows--recently picked up by HBO, NBC and ABC--change all of that? Just Maybe? Is Middle America ready for this gay television jelly?"

Read about all three shows over on Gay.net, and see if you'll be tuning in to any of them.


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