Morning Cheat Sheet: Madonna Loves 'Born This Way', Robin Givhan on Female Designers, Prince Harry Parties with the Gays


By Max Berlinger

Lady Gaga
 (pictured above, emerging from her incubating egg at the Grammys -- WTF FTW!) told Jay Leno last night that Madonna gave her the thumbs up on 'Born This Way'. She also looks like my grandma after she forgets to take her meds -- and that's a good thing. 

Buyer's remorse: Fashionista is reporting that a key buyer was shut out of numerous shows due to the Milk Studios presentation drama on Saturday night. 

Robin Givhan notes that critics and reporters didn't take Victoria Beckham's presentation seriously -- a reflection on prevailing sexism in fashion. Gotta love Robin, she's a sharp tack, that one. 

Marc Jacobs for Fall 2011: polka dot couture on acid. 

Um, shirtless Channing Tatum in GQ? Yes, please!

Well, we hate you too, Donald Trump

Prince Harry makes a stop at the local gay bar. 

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