The Jersey Shore Studs Land on Village Voice's Queer Issue Cover

The Jersey Shore Studs Land on Village Voice's Queer Issue Cover

Thank you, Village Voice, for this wonderful stunt.
According to the New York Post, the men of MTV’s Jersey Shore were excited for
their shirtless Voice cover. However, they didn’t know that they were going to
be on the cover of the Queer Issue, illustrating a feature story about gay
Guidos in New Jersey!

The Voice article explores how Guido gays interact in their
homophobic Jersey Shore environment. It centers on Craig Austin, a middle-aged
Guido who spends his days bringing them together, citing his 18-man hot tub as “a
big bowl of cute boy soup.”

From the story:

Back at his secluded ranch, Austin maps a queer corollary to
MTV’s Jersey Shore. His outsize hot tub sits on a 1,000-square-foot deck
alongside a tiki bar and plenty of nooks and crannies. “If you build it, they
will come” has been Austin’s mantra.

At least one of Austin’s regulars is testing the waters of
Asbury Park: “Dino,” a self-described “horny 25-year-old,” could have been
ordered straight from Jersey Shore Central Casting. A grad student who lives in
the Bronx, he is out to his second-generation Italian family, with whom he
summers with in Seaside, but “nobody talks about it,” he says. “It’s never
mentioned. That’s the mentality still for Italian families – homosexuality isn’t


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