John Waters: Death to Yoga Nuts


By Aaron Hicklin

Mischief maker and Out profile subject John
gets the Deborah Solomon treatment in this week's Sunday
Times magazine,
and easily holds his own. Asked if there was anyone he would kill if he
could get away with it, the filmmaker responds, "I find it repellent
when people do yoga exercises at the gate in airports. I want to kill
them." On the pope: "Do you notice Catholics haven't been using the word
'infallible' with the pope lately?" As for child molesters in the
Catholic Church: "I don't think anyone chooses  to be a child molester. I
think they're terrible; I think they rob children of their dreams; they
should be stopped. However, clergy that hide them do have a choice, and
I think they're worse than the molesters themselves."

Tags: Popnography