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Chatter: Meredith Baxter

"The analogy I’ve used is a story [from] when I was a kid. I never could
see very well and I said something to my parents and it kind of went
unnoticed, or no one really responded to it. I guess I didn’t make
enough noise. When I was 12 I tried on a [friend’s] pair of glasses and
I was stunned with how clearly I could see. In truth, I used to think
trees looked like lollipops because there was a solid stake and this
solid ball. I didn’t know most people could see leaves. Oh, this is how
the world is perceived? That’s kind of what having that second
relationship made me realize — that this is where I want to be because
I was dead to the world in many other ways. I’ve been married three
times, and I have a slew of children, but I’ve never felt that kind of
connection before in that kind of awakening. It was very profound for

-- Meredith Baxter -- former star of Family Ties -- discussing her coming out with The Advocate. For the full interview, head here.

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