A Brief, Open Letter to Mika

I thought about it, why do I love
this song so much, and I think it's because it makes me about as
candy-colored happy as the first time I heard Culture Club's "It's
a Miracle"
. It's that catchy! You can hold a falsetto note,
Mika, and I always die a little when you scale that, like, what,
eighteen-note peak in "Grace Kelly," then come back down again? Damn,
child. But I didn't hear you say "Ka-ching!" at the end; that was kind
of disappointing. Also, you may have been upstaged in the last few
songs by those amazing, huge white helium balloons you dropped on the
audience, sparking about 32 different volleyball games in the house.

You were so close to your audience up front, I wish you'd made eye
contact and interacted with them a little bit more. And you're so
talented, I'm really hoping that, in the years ahead, your songwriting
deepens and gets more sophisticated and goes beyond its current level
of (admittedly very enjoyable) candy-pop. I think you're capable of
that and I know you're young. But mostly I just wish I'd had
after-party passes so I could've run my hands through your hair.

Good luck on the rest of your North American tour, Mika!


Timmy (Murphy)

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Tags: Popnography

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