The 2009 Publishing Triangle Awards

The 2009 Publishing Triangle Awards

The surprise
star of this year’s Publishing Triangle awards ceremony was veteran novelist
Christopher Bram (Gods and Monsters), who may have a second career as the
Bruce Vilanch scripter of gay awards
ceremonies. When the nominees for the
Ferro-Grumley Awards for LGBT Fiction were introduced, the presenters got so
many audience yucks for comparing Alison Bechdel’s winning The Essential
Dykes to Watch Out For to Victorian novels like The Way We Live Now or a
lesbian War and Peace, Bram was credited with the line -- and several others.

Bechdel was on hand to accept the award and said she’d never thought of
the ongoing episodes of her cartoon strip, which span more than 25
years, as a novel. “If nothing else, a novel ends,” she said. Her decision
to end the series last year, while difficult, she said, may have had
the silver lining of finally turning the project into fiction.

Lifetime achievement award winner, historian and prolific writer in many
genres Martin Duberman gently criticized the “assimilationist thirst” of
the modern LGBT movement for expending “far too much energy….in joing
up rather than challenging mainstream institutions.” But he did say
a gracious “thank you” for the award. For a full list of nominees
and winners click here.


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