Pattinson thinks Little Ashes's sex scenes are the best


By Jessanne Collins

Man vamp Robert Pattinson has admitted that his sex scenes with Javier Beltran are some of the best moments in the forthcoming Dalí/Lorca love-mess film Little Ashes. “I was worried about watching them," he said, "but Dalí and Lorca's sex scenes were in fact the best scenes.” Last week director Paul Morrison said he thought Pattinson, as Dalí, had struggled with the scenes more than Beltran, who plays Lorca and who graced Out's cover in April. "I think Rob probably found it
harder than Javier, to draw the line between performance and, ah, but
that was also in the nature of the part, that Dali's sexuality was so
complicated, complex and mysterious," he said. Perfomance and ah, indeed.


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Photo: Getty Images

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