Mika & Perez play ice cream men


By Noah Michelson

Mika's been slaving away in an undisclosed LA location off and on the past year, hard at work on his sophomore album. The follow-up to the way gay insta-classic Life in Cartoon Motion (featuring "Grace Kelly," which was a hit in every small town in the world except those in America) is due out in '09, along with an acoustic EP. How better to celebrate than performing a preview show tomorrow night in a secret location? And how better to hype said secret show than to dole out wristbands tonight with Perez Hilton from a special ice cream truck wandering LA's Beverly Gardens Park? Okay, so there's no guarantee Mika will be there playing ice cream man -- except the copious hints being dropped all over the internets.

Get more details on the show and the drive-by at PerezHilton.com.

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