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From Mean Girl to Showgirl?

From Mean Girl to Showgirl?

Photo: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan's boobs have already had their 15 minutes, but they may be in for a few more -- if whisperings about her professional interest in a risque new Vegas revue are to be believed. Peepshow, a "modern burlesque" that opened this past weekend at Planet Hollywood stars Spice Girl Mel B. (also above) and soap star Kelly Monaco. Lohan is reportedly interested in eventually taking over Monaco's role, as "a timid girl who the Diva [Mel B.] guides in her
transformation into a confident, sensual woman while surrounded by a
slew of semi-naked burlesque beauties."

Sound a little gratuitous? Not according to director Jerry Mitchell. "When the character strips she does it because she has learned to be strong by the other character/dancers in the
show, and by watching them take charge with their considerable assets."

For an exclusive interview with Mitchell, check out Out.com later this week.

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