Showtime's Coming-Out Documentary Series Now Casting


By Jessanne Collins

Photo: Getty Images

"Way Out," a new documentary TV series from Showtime Networks and the team behind A&E's "Intervention" that will follow GLBTQ people on their coming-out journeys is currently casting nationwide. Producers are "looking for gays and lesbians who have already made the decision to
come out to important people in their lives and are willing to share
that journey." Participants will have access to a counseling network and, the show's creators hope, the chance to enlighten the general Showtime-watching population about "what it’s like to feel compelled to hide an essential part of oneself."   

"As much as we are trying
to reach a gay audience, we’re trying to reach an
audience that’s universal," casting producer Adam Drucker recently told The Advocate. "While the idea of a
coming-out show might be trite to certain communities
of gay people, it's still not understood by the masses.
Prop. 8 shows us that."

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