The queer week in review

The queer week in review

Better Than a Plane Crash
Sergey Tuganov, a 28-year-old
Russian mechanic, died after taking an ENTIRE BOTTLE of Viagra when two
chicks bet him $4,300 that he wouldn’t be able to rise to the occasion
for a half-day orgy. He (kinda) had the last laugh as he expired just
moments after thrusting past the 12-hour mark.

Obama’s Gay Lover
The Globe,
beacon of truth that it is, is claiming Barack Obama has a boy on the
side. (The best part is the claim that this is “a new gay scandal.” Was
there an old one?!) Now, it’s not like some of us don’t want this to be
true, but would the newly elected leader of the free world really be
toying with boys this soon into his presidency? It’s not like he’s the

The Recession Claims Another Victim
Annie Leibovitz signed away the copyrights, negatives and contracts to all of her artwork to a
pawn shop
. (And this includes the rights to anything she
shoots in the future!) Apparently, the lesbian art icon who shot
beguiling, provocative photos of people like a Lolita-like Miley Cyrus
and a pregnant Demi Moore was so broke she had to sign away her life
for $15.5 million due to debts left behind after her partner, writer
Susan Sontag passed away in 2004. If Annie Leibovitz can’t weather this
recession, what hope does that leave for the rest us who are merely


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