Valentino Quits; Saunders for Gola; Shipley & Halmos Debut; Russell Simmons not feelin' Phat


By Nick Burns

Valentino will announce today that he
will quit designing clothes after doing two more fashion shows and
start designing is retirement. The guy deserves a break, he's been in the fashion game for 45 years and at 75 years old, he's older than dirt. [Fashion Week Daily]

Jonathan Saunders hops on the collaboration bandwagon and teams up with sneaker company Gola to collaborate on a line of shoes for men and women. [WWD]

Russell Simmons to leave Phat Fashions. Is this sorta like his "split" from Kimora? Because they are still pretty much together. [DNR]

Trovata alums Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos won't show their new line Shipley and Halmos in Bryant Park this week, but check it out exclusively at starting today! [WWD]


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