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Puma's Chameleon Kicks

Photo: Courtesy of Puma

The '80s have officially come full circle. It was only a matter of time before the color-changing Hypercolor t-shirts you once loved were resurrected. This time, they've been reincarnated as a Puma shoe for sneaker connoisseurs.

The fabric of these sneakers is chemically treated to change color when exposed to various temperatures—like a mood ring for your feet. The colors shift from dark green to blue to deep purple and black.

Not only is its chameleon quality a throwback to earlier (and some
might say, less fashionable) times but the design of the sneaker is also
vintage classic. The "basket" style was originally introduced in

The only foreseeable problem is the color-changing makes it a difficult to wear if you are adamant about matching your kicks to your belt and bag.

$75.00, Puma.com


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