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John Mayer GAP Ads Look Oddly Familiar

Justin Timberlake in Gone. (Sorry for the poor quality screen grab)

Even the pose, tattoos (which are on JT's left arm), and overall style
are similar. (Yes, I know it's not a perfect match with this screen grab, just watch the video already).  J.C. Chasez also strikes a similar pose.
Could this be a coincidence? or just a form of flattery? After all,
John Mayer did admit to kind of maybe flirting with JT at the Video Music Awards in 2003. Well, sort of.

Or maybe Ms. Leibovitz is just channeling a bit of Herb Ritts? It wouldn't be the first time that her work looked strikingly similar to that of another artist. I'm just saying!

Liev Schreiber, Forest Whitaker, Ken Watanabe, Lucy Liu, Sarah
Silverman , Selma Blair and many others also star in the "Classics
Redefined" campaign. The ads hit major magazines in September.

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