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Marc Jacobs Free, Gentrifying

The Daily News gossip pages report that Marc Jacobs is out of rehab, and was sighted over the weekend sunning himself on the West Side of Manhattan with "a bunch of cute boys."

The Observer adds that he's been dining with on-again, off-again bf Jason Preston.

Hey, way to make a recovering abuser feel better-by watching his every move!


On a more impersonal note, The Savannah (Georgia) Morning News has determined that the addition of a Jacobs store can work wonders on your local commercial strip:

"We're now on a short list that includes New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Provincetown, Boston and Las Vegas...Marc by Marc Jacobs
may put upward pressure on rents, but it also will attract more foot
traffic to nearby- and locally-owned stores...Also, it's worth noting that the Marc Jacobs company took the plunge and committed to an empty
space on a key corner on a street that still has a number of
high-profile vacancies. The continued "upscaling" of Broughton
Street has fueled investment and development in other parts of

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