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Beltway Beauties

Poor Richard! For months, he received bags and bags of
hostile mail from flipped-out folk-dancing frumpsters (there was no
email then) for merely pointing out what is so. After all, even the
ultimate Washington insider, Katharine Graham, had her "Black and White Ball" (really Truman Capote's creation) at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

So: Is Washington still a
wasteland of bad hair and ill-fitting dresses? We have to assume the
answer is yes, because at the White House Correspondents' Dinner over
the weekend, Getty's photographer only trained his lens on
out-of-towners. We'd love to show you what Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Dole were wearing, but we haven't a clue.

Sheryl Crow, Cheryl David, Sanjaya Malakar

The Washington Post does however, offer this hilarious account of some of the after-parties:

"Valerie Bertinelli is in a corner sitting on some stairs, surrounded
by People people, and pronouncing herself a "wallflower"...We see World Bank
President Paul Wolfowitz, but we do not his see his girlfriend, Shaha
Riza, the World Bank worker for whom Wolfowitz gallantly arranged a
raise. We offer several women $20 to approach Wolfowitz and ask for a
raise, but we find no takers."

Photos: Getty Images

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