Six Degrees of Facial Irritation!


By leboheme

Gillette's Fusion Power Phantom razor sounds either terrifying or terribly efficient (it has six blades). The blogosphere has been testing it out and brings us these mixed reviews:

Geezer Chronicles: "As I continued to shave I noticed that I nearly enjoyed the act. I was
ever aware, however, that the sheer number of blades, should they
decide to rebel, would make for a very dramatic morning, indeed."

James Lileks: "Then the razor stopped vibrating. I put in a fresh battery. Didn't
work. Then the plastic trim on the handle peeled off. A week later it
STARTED VIBRATING AGAIN in the middle of a shave, which was like the
moment in a horror movie where the dead guy comes back to life and
grabs your throat."

Taybin: "My sister Anja was given a trial Gillette Fusion to test.  She passed it on to me and I made the required jokes about how it was overkill and what this world is coming to.Well, I tried it out this morning, and it was terrific.  I can’t
quite explain what was so great about it, but it just zipped over my
face, with no catching or cutting."

Eternalblogreborn: "I rejoiced at the chance to try five blades as soon as I saw
the adverts.  Unfortunately, more isn’t necessarily better.  The shave
I get from the Fusion isn’t nearly as close or nearly as comfortable as
the results I get with its ancestor."

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