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Hot Chip gets into our heads.

May 16 2012 3:26 PM

The band performs its first hit, 'Life Boat,' and the bandmates discuss their influences

May 15 2012 4:19 PM

The black Jewish hip-hop artist Yitz Jordan has struggled with his public image for years. Now he's ready to come out.

May 15 2012 8:12 AM

The singer collaborated with Austrian filmmaker Christian Hörlesberger on the conceptual video

May 11 2012 7:24 PM

The music superstar says he was inspired to write 'Outlaws of Love' by the struggle for marriage equality.

May 11 2012 2:06 PM

The musical collaborators discuss their creative bonds and influences. Plus: Remix videos for 'Unzip Me' and 'Doin' It My Way'

May 08 2012 12:50 PM

Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison, explains his writing process and influences on his debut album.

May 07 2012 10:04 AM

The mind-altering nature of Lower Dens' 'Nootropics.'

April 27 2012 4:59 PM

Gay punk comes out with a vengeance. An oral history of the movement that changed the world (whether you knew it or not).

April 12 2012 4:56 PM

A revival of techno for a new generation.

April 05 2012 5:27 PM