Ready To Be Part of Ke$ha's 'Crazy Beautiful Life'?

'I'm gonna have my own show b*tches! GIT READY'

By Andrew Villagomez

No Longer a Girl

The latest in a new generation of fashion muses, singer-songwriter Christopher Owens strikes a pose just as he strikes …

By Adam Rathe

Catching Up With Heloise & the Savoir Faire

After a four-year hiatus, 'Diamond Dust' marks the musician's return to center stage.

By Benjamin Lindsay

LISTEN: John Grant's 'Pale Green Ghosts'

The former Czars frontman sings about being HIV-positive on his dance album

By Jerry Portwood

Catching Up With Eli Lieb

The singer-songwriter tells us about his upcoming sophomore album, being a YouTube sensation, and his music crush on …

By Andrew Villagomez

J.T. In (Tom Ford) Suit & Tie

The singer teases us in designer suits before the release of "The 20/20 Experience" in March

By Julien Sauvalle

LISTEN: Michael Van London's 'American Blood & Guts'

Out rocker releases new solo EP, which includes music featured in Struck By Lightning

By Andrew Villagomez

EXCLUSIVE: Remix of Lone Wolf's 'Ghosts Of Holloway'

The Razmataz Lorry Excitement remix will make you dance

By Editors

WATCH: Ari Gold Get Naked

The 'Play My F**kn Record' 3D Project teaser is directed by Francis Legge

By Diego James

EXCLUSIVE: Logan Lynn's Music Video for 'Hologram'

Portland's gay singer-songwriter is back with a new music video for his recently released album, 'Tramp Stamps and …

By Andrew Villagomez

Britney Spears is Moving On

Working on her eighth studio album, and ready to sign on for a Las Vegas residency?

By Andrew Villagomez

Free Your Mind...

...And a weird-ass Matmos album about telepathy will follow.

By Jason Lamphier

LISTEN: Destiny's Child New Single 'Nuclear'

Because announcement of the group's return and Super Bowl halftime show appearance was not enough!

By Andrew Villagomez

Destiny's Child Comeback - Joining Beyoncé at Super Bowl

New Destiny's Child music in the works. It feels as if the '90s were returning.

By Andrew Villagomez

Rita Ora: How She Do

British powerhouse Rita Ora is getting comfy in her newfound stardom. The heels are another story.

By Alexandria Symonds

Top 50 Tracks of 2012

From Grizzly Bear to Grimes, we round up our favorite songs from the past year

By Jason Lamphier