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WATCH: The 'Golden Age of the Hustlers' Video

WATCH: The 'Golden Age of the Hustlers' Video

Photography by Janis Vogel

The video for "Golden Age of Hustlers" is a 21st-century queer masterpiece and, according to Silas Howard, "an archival, inter-generational, collaborative labor of love." He should know, he co-directed the video with director Erin Greenwell (My Best Day, Sundance 2012) and, not only does the heartfelt video include many Downtown darlings and icons—such as Kate Bornstein, Merrie Cherry, Untitled Queen—it features singer Justin Vivian Bond front and center.

Howard explains that the the song and video is meant as a "queer time capsule set in the 1970s gay hustler scene on Polk Street in San Francisco."

Documentary filmmaker Rob Epstein (The Times of Harvey Milk, Common Threads, andThe Celluloid Closetwas a consultant for the archival footage they gathered for the video.

Cinematographer is PJ Raval (above, center) was the cinematographer.

And the video features the queer and trans community in a moving document to be cherished.

Watch the full video below: