The OUT Guide to Mastering Aural


By Editors

From the best headphones to speakers, we choose the best music tools on the market

Speakers of the House
A sound system for every type

The Jetsetter
TRANSIT BY SOEN Small really is beautiful when it sounds this good, with a balance and clarity that rises above Jambox, its most direct competitor. The solid, jet-black design is a marvel of engineering, with a sleek metal kickstand and a tilt to the body that helps project sound upward. It wouldn’t power a house party, but it’s excellent for casual home use and travel. $199.95;

The Nostalgist
MARSHALL STANMORE Long known as a maker of amplifiers, Marshall knows how to fill a room, and the Stanmore doesn’t even bother compromising on sound for portability. This is a big number with a big a matching price; like a 1970s hi-fi, it won’t be leaving your living room until it’s time to retire it. $400;

The Modernist
WREN V5 WIRELESS SPEAKER SYSTEM The sound on the Wren V5 is almost as smooth as its bamboo or rosewood finish (you get to choose which). Succinct, with a great wireless signal, this is a very grown-up speaker that sounds great with acoustic instruments, if a little less so with big, bass-y songs. $399;

The Hipster
GRAIN AUDIO PWS Grain Audio’s strategy seems firmly focused on the Girls-watching, selvage jeans–wearing Brooklyn set. Their portable PWS, in a (certified sustainable) walnut case, was anointed as “dope” by Complex, and in a comparison with the Big Jambox the sound seems brighter, with clean top notes. Dope, indeed. $249;

The Athlete
PUMA SOUNDCHUCK Weatherproof and lightweight, what the eye- catching Puma Soundchuck gains in portability it loses in sound quality. That may be less important if you want something to listen to while you’re working out or on a camping trip, but prepare to want something else to use at home. $129.95;

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