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Karaoke Killed The Cat
Self-described as “the infamous karaoke dance party for people who never thought they’d never like karaoke,” Karaoke Killed the Cat has been rocking New York since 2003. At this point, the karaoke dance party is not just an institution — it’s a legend. We invited the duo behind it, Chris Goldteeth (yes, he really does have gold teeth) and Lord Easy, to lay down the golden rules to rockin’ their weekly bash at Union Hall in Brooklyn’s Park Slope.

1. Come ready to bring it. This does not mean come ready to get a record deal, but if you’re singing in public, you should aim to entertain those in the room. If you’re shy, go for a private room.
2. Choose crowd favorites. Karaoke night is not your time to show how extensive your knowledge of B-sides is. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Pick something we can all sing along to.
3. Know your song. If you don’t know the lyrics, don’t sing it at karaoke. This should be obvious, but it’s not.
4. Don’t bug the host. Everyone in the room thinks they’re the best, and everyone in the room wants to be next. Go get a drink and party with everyone else until it’s your turn.
5. Loosen up. Stop taking yourself so seriously! Karaoke is supposed to be fun.

Photo courtesy of Chris Goldteeth

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