The Top 50 Tracks of 2013


By Jason Lamphier

Out's Senior Editor Jason Lamphier chooses his Top 50 songs of the year

2013: The year a smug rapper and self-declared deity became a walking, croissant-demanding sound bite. The year our favorite forward-thinking French androids flipped the script and beamed us back to 1978. The year you couldn’t swing a microphone without hitting some band’s cooing backup children’s choir. The vocals were like honey, the beats were like machine guns, the guitars were as noodly as a Christmas lasagna.

Listening to the hundreds of great songs from the past 12 months and whittling them down to a solid, tight, diverse list was nearly impossible. But here are the ultimate victors, 50 tracks that stunned, defied genres, shook the dance floor, and made hearts flutter. Below, we’ve included videos for some of the top tracks as well as our musings on the absolute favorites. And the best news? You can check out every song on our four-hour Spotify playlist below. So grab your headphones, get cozy, and hit play already. Happy Holidays!

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