Bad Girls Need Christmas, Too


By Tray Butler

Nostalgia reigns in these six new holiday albums

Kelly Clarkson
Wrapped in Red (RCA)

Pop darling Clarkson credits Rosemary Clooney with inspiring her stellar holiday album, but its catchy first single, “Underneath the Tree,” sounds suspiciously like a love letter to Motown’s Wall of Sound era.

The same applies for the epic title track, “Wrapped in Red,” a breathy anthem of yuletide longing and what might be a stalker situation. The narrator confesses to “always watching, never reaching” her crush, but she’s “going to risk it all” at Christmas by wrapping herself in red. Do you mean velvet or blood, Kelly? (Come to think of it, Kellebelle’s previous advice, “You’ve just got to turn it up loud when the flames get higher,” may also be a cry for help.)