WATCH: Bright Light Bright Light’s New Video For “An Open Heart”


By Stacy Lambe

His new EP drops Nov. 24th

Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light is back with a new video for “An Open Heart,” the lead single from his upcoming EP, In Your Care.

Thomas explores the ‘80s synth sound on what’s probably his best song yet.

He keeps things simple in the video, forcing you to focus on the music (when you’re not focused on his scruffy face). The video plays on the loneliness of an open heart, something of a recurring theme for the singer.

"I don’t know, I mean, it’s kinda funny when you’re doing something like music," Thomas tells OUT. "It’s a mixture of not meeting anyone that you connect with and when you do your lives just don’t really fit together."

It’s hard being lonely…

In Your Care drops Nov. 24th.